Friday, April 07, 2006



The first pic shows Luna with probably something sneaky on her mind; her mom thoughts are somewhere far away... (nice shirt Kala...)

Next to that is the one with Rio in front holding the yellow alien he won recently in a water shoot-out contest (Rio was also the chess champion in the elementary school intramurals and was given a gold medal today. Yeyey!). Kala is at the back, holding a seemingly bored Luna.

Then there's Kala in Capadoccia, Turkey. Behind her is what is called the 'Mother and Child' rock formation. Can you see it?

The nexy photo is Luna on her new bike, which was her birthday present when she turned three last November. The little girl is obviously pleased... She's been scooting around like a jeepney driver ever since. The picture was taken at Dada Ming's (Red's grandmother) place.

The fifth and last photo is at the grocery showing Rio reading one of the works of Bill Watterson (his tatay's greatest influence). Tatay is reading what he hopes would one day be among Rio's faves, a book - any book - by Asimov...

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