Saturday, December 26, 2009

Or, "Mayweather's on Drugs"
By Paul Strauss

Somebody take pity on Vivek Wallace and stamp "Loser" on his forehead. Ever seen a moron as big as this? Oi, Vivek, eat yer socks. They'll give yer brains the vitamins they lack. But anyway, Strauss gives a good take, from the same site, and feel free to dodge the equally stupid snipe on rap and the wrong spelling of tunes... C'mon guys, US of A? You're supposed to be speakin' at least a little English... But good point Strauss... Why don't you just give a good one on the chin of Wallace and send him out to some Farmville or something?

Pacquiao Should Dump Mayweather and Move On
Paul Strauss

There's nothing new under the sun. It's not unusual in the least for certain types to make wild charges or allegations, and hope they're repeated enough to cause confusion and belief on the part of the naive. Mayweather and his clan are of that ilk. More often than not they get away with their "ullbay itshay". Their hope is some will stick to the proverbial wall. This time Manny and Freddie ought to call their bluff and leave them hanging without the big purse. If the kings of dysfunction really want the fight, they should be made to grovel in reality for it.. The latest out of the PacMan camp is that Manny has asked Bob Arum to help him initiate a law suit against the Mayweather clan. Hooray!!! I hope he wins big; although, it is very difficult to do so. Just ask all the celebrities that have been maligned by the supermarket rags.

If you want to attach any validity to monopoly money's malarkey, then you should immediately stop here, pass goal and submit yourself to examination for admittance to the Liar's and Major Fabricator's Club. Acceptance is assured because you're so far gone the examination will be just a formality. Enjoy your mandatory babble time, and may your ears not turn into cauliflower and fall off from the assault.

However, if you have a sound mind and are capable of listening to reason you should continue reading. The fact is all of the important stuff has already been said concerning the ridiculousness of Mayweather's charges (throw Paulie Malignaggi in there too) and supposed concerns, so let's not pound on the departed equine. Rather, let's think about how much we will enjoy seeing the discomfort Freddie and Manny (and Bob Arum) can inflict on the money troubled pipsqueak from the desert. Hit him where it hurts the most........i.e. obtain a judgment and add to his already (rumored) mounting debts and deprive him of hope for his biggest payday

Sure fans would love to see the fight, and why not. It matches the current P4P versus the former P4P. Most fans drool over the possibility of PacMan whupping up some CPA on the little money (al) ledger. Fans want to see Manny close the mouth that roars, and also shut up the rest of the pride. The fight would definitely be a fitting conclusion to a great career for Manny. But, beating Oscar, Ricky and Cotto, plus a host of others is not bad either.

Does he really need "The Root of All Evil"? Manny's already great in the minds of boxing fans. It's hard to imagine he could become any greater. His elevated place in the boxing hall(s) of fame is already permanently edged. Let's let Manny know we want him to win, but if it's only in court, then so be it. That is enough! Let us enjoy watching Empty Pockets face reality and squirm trying to make another big fight that will bring in as much $. Good luck! He can continue to act the fool all he wants, but he will soon find out who is really the draw.

Most fans would love to see Manny fight on and on, and keep amazing them with his skill and talent. But most also understand Manny doesn't need to prove anything more than he already has done. If we really care about this great little big man, then let's encourage him to hang it up and move on to all of the other things he enjoys doing, such as charity work, movies, music and politics. Right now he is in a prime position to move on to greater heights in all of those areas. He doesn't need any small change from Vegas.

By the way, those people who stopped reading earlier, you know the ones who think Mayweather's tactics are subtle genius and clever manipulation of the media, well they ought to quit taking pharmaceuticals themselves. They think his antics are subtle just like Don King's hairdo! They think he's a genius just like they think rap is poetic. They think he's clever and a protector of the game just like they believe Al Gore and Obama deserve their Nobel. It's a good thing they're no longer reading, because if they were, it would be necessary to relate to them on the cartoon level and remind them what Bugs used to say in Looney Toons: "What a Ma'roon!!!!"
Article posted on 26.12.2009


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